Mad Max Offshore? If you want to feel butterflies in the stomach, dry mouth, sweating, you can continue to read this.

We are able to offer something beyond the ordinary when it comes to traveling by sea. Everything from seal safaris to Offshore Driving with the horizon as a benchmark.

We guarantee that when the ride with the cigarette is over that you at some point traveled in over 70 knots on the GPS.

Please contact us as we tailor each event. We guarantee +70 knots ...



The rent of our boat park will depend entirely on the season, boat type and number of crew members needed for your request.

In the current situation we have handful events that we can offer and we are extremely responsive to you and will do everything that you as customers should be satisfied.

A big favorite nower days is higspeed racing with the Cigarette 31

Many charter companies often include many other activities,

Price example:

Cigarette Bullet with personnel 7500 SEK / hour